Last Updated: 11-07-2013


This page is going to be a collection of tips and tricks that I've picked up over the many years that I've been using Unreal Engine. I've been using Unreal Engine both in a professional and personal environment for around 6 years but yet I'm still learning new methods on a regular basis. This is what I love about the engine. Therefore expect to see this page as an on going project that I'll update whenever I feel like I have some relavent information to share.

Tips & Tricks (Most Recent Appears First)

  • A Better Way To Take Wireframe Screenshots
  • I often see people displaying wireframe screenshots from UDK by simply switching to wireframe mode. Personally I think this is ugly and it is far to cluttered to make any useful judgement about an artist's technical ability.

    A much better way to display wireframe screenshots would be to turn on 'Display Mesh Edges' (Viewport Options > Show > Advanced > Mesh Edges). This will essentially overlay the wireframe onto whatever viewmode you currently have selected, whether it be Lit, Lighting Only or Unlit.

    You can change the wireframe colour by selecting all of the static meshes, going to their properties and changing the wireframe colour.

  • Copying Objects Into Text Editors
  • It sounds crazy but did you know that anything that can be placed in the viewport can be copied into a text editor and stored for later use? Simple 'Ctrl+C' an object or multiple objects and paste them directly into your text editor of choice. This obviously works in the other direction too, i.e the text can be pasted into the viewport. This is really useful for when you want to work on a level that someone has checked out. Simply copy anything you've done into Notepad and paste it back into the viewport when the level becomes available.

  • Break Kismet Links Quickly
  • You can break kismet links quickly by holding 'Alt' and 'Left Clicking' on the connector node. No more right clicking!

  • Changing Navigation Speed Quickly
  • If you are moving around your level using the 'Right Click' 'WASD' method, you can use the scroll wheel to change the viewport navigation speed on the fly.

  • Changing Between Local And World Coordinates (Hotkey)
  • To switching between World or Local Coordinates effective simply tap the 'Tilde Key' '~'.

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