Last Updated: 02-10-2013


This page is going to be a collection of tips and advice that will help improve how efficently you can do your job as an artist in the games industry.

Tips & Advice (Most Recent Appears First)

  • Saving Work In Progress Images Can Help You Stay Focused
  • One of the major causes of artists giving up on projects is because they've reached the stage where the project has slowed down and they no longer feel like their making any progress.
    One thing I think helps counteract this is taking a screenshot every couple of hours or is everytime you finish workinf if you can only work an hour or less a day. This way you can visually see how much you've progressed on the project. If I'm feeling abit unhappy with how my project is going I generally scan through my work in progress images. This normally puts me on a more positive path as I can see that the project has improved every time I've worked on it. Another thing I like to do is compare the two most recent images so that I can easily decide if a change I have made has improved my project or not.

  • Task Management Software
  • Personally I feel like task management software are often overlooked and everyone should be using them in one from or another. During my early career I managed without one but as I've become more senior, I've found that I am taking in way more information than I can physically remember. This in turn made me forget about simple little tasks that someone might have ask me about earlier in the week.

    Task management software has not only helped me organise my work tasks but it has also helped organise my personal tasks.

    As for which piece of software I recommend, I've be using ToDoIst for several years and cannot recommend it enough. It's 100% online, super simplistic and it's also companion apps for all popular smart phones.

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