Program's Used // Cryengine 3 / 3DS Max / Photoshop / Zbrush / NDO2

About // The following environment is an art test that I created for Crytek UK in Nottingham and it was created over the period of one month outside of work hours. The art test was successful and resulted in an interview and job offer which I regretably had to turn down due to the imminent birth of my son.


Individual Models & Textures:

Sofa - High Poly

Arm Chair Cloth - High Poly

Sofa - Low Poly

ArmChair - Low Poly

Sofa - Textures

Wagon Wheel - High Poly

Wagon Wheel - Low Poly

Wagon Wheel - Textures

Pipework - High Poly

Pipework - Low Poly

Pipework - Textures

Tyre - HighPoly

Tyre - LowPoly

Tyre - Textures

Tyre Wood - Textures

Duvet - High Poly

Duvet - Low Poly

Duvet - Textures

Curtains- High Poly

Curtains- Low Poly

Curtains- Textures


Plaster Wall Texture

Wooden Floor Texture

Floor Dirt Texture

Ceiling Beam Texture

Bunkbed - Low Poly

Misc Props - Low Poly


All Artwork Copyright © Neil Gowland 2013 Except Where Indicated Otherwise. No Image On The Website May Be Reproduced Without Express Permission.